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What 1L students wish they knew from day one

March 13, 2022

We asked current law students to share their experiences about what they wish they had known or could have told themselves before starting their 1L year in law school. Here are the top responses. “Law School may make me feel stupid and brilliant all within a single class hour.” This can be especially true when […]

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How to develop essential habits for long-term success

March 3, 2022

Whether you realize it or not, a lot of what you do every day is done out of habit without much thought. Maybe your first activity of the morning is to always get the coffee brewing. Or, you routinely walk your dog right after dinner. Habits are triggered by cues, whether it be a time […]

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The types of law school exams you may encounter during finals

March 1, 2022

By Stephanie Baldwin, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law Law school exams are once again upon us. Because I am a glutton for punishment, I decided to take 18 credits this semester, which means I have six different final exams. Yay … To top it off, they are all different types of […]

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Tips on using IRAC, successful essay writing and law school finals

February 17, 2022

Mike Sims, BARBRI President As you likely already know, the grades you receive on your law school finals are critical. Here are some essential tips and strategies for refining your essay writing, effectively using IRAC, and ultimately, succeeding on your law school finals. Law school finals are different When I first went to law school, […]

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Should I transfer to another law school?

February 7, 2022

Whether you went into law school with plans to transfer after 1L year or decided to entertain the possibility after receiving stellar first semester grades, there are some things to consider before you make this huge leap. Transferring can completely change your law school experience as well as your future career path, so we’ve got […]

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Tips for a productive law school study group

February 3, 2022

Are you on the fence about joining a law school study group? Afraid the social aspect of a study group might take away valuable study time? There are definitely pros and cons to studying with your fellow students. The camaraderie can create confidence, especially when it’s time to prepare for exams. But relying heavily on […]

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Three easy steps for creating a “shell outline” in your 1L year

January 9, 2022

As a 1L student, one of the first things you’ll often hear about is outlining. There are many tactics and carving out the time to create your outlines can vary greatly. Whether you’re the type of student who prefers to outline each week or would rather dedicate a chunk of time closer to midterms or […]

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Waiting for your grades, perhaps the worst part of law school

December 19, 2021

[ Stephanie Baldwin, 2L at the University of Arizona ] Dear 1Ls, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… you’ve just hit the worst part of law school. Yes… I know finals are terrible… but here is the thing… you’ve now entered the WAIT for your first semester grades. This, my friends, […]

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Books every law student should read for successful outcomes

March 8, 2021

By Kathryn Pope, University of Florida Levin College of Law While the amount of information accessible about law school is beneficial, it can also lead to information overload. When I searched for materials to get myself ready for the “law school mindset,” I did not know where to begin to look. Thankfully, I was introduced […]

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Law school note-taking part II

March 8, 2021

Mara Masters, Emory Law This week we are following that up with a rundown of my absolute favorite ever all-purpose app, Notion. Here’s how I have it set up: I start with a school dashboard that has my to-do list for the week along with a sub-page for each class and activity I am involved […]

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