U.S. law school tips

Reflecting on 1L year in law school

June 10, 2022

Congratulations! You now have two semesters under your belt. You’re no longer a law school novice. The first year of law school likely challenged you from many angles. You probably even changed your approach a time or two between the first and second semesters to adjust to the beast that is law school. Nonetheless, you […]

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Law school preparedness kit: What’s in your bag

June 2, 2022

One of the many helpful pieces of advice regarding law school is to be prepared. This is as much about being prepared for your classes and exams as it is about being physically prepared with what you need to thrive at school. As a law school student, you’ll spend countless hours in classes and on […]

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How to satisfy your upper-level writing requirement

May 8, 2022

Most law schools require upper-level students to satisfy a senior writing requirement before they graduate. Typically, this writing submission hovers around the 25- to the 30-page range, requires rigorous research and editing, and is completed under a faculty supervisor. It’s no surprise that for many 2L and 3L law students, the upper-level writing requirement seems […]

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BARBRI 1L Mastery hacks for final exam success

April 28, 2022

As a 1L, you are no doubt feeling the pressure as final exams loom near. Most first-year students have already enrolled and have access to BARBRI 1L Mastery (if you haven’t, you can do so now). It’s a rich law school study supplement, so let’s break down the “Top 5 Hacks” – in other words, […]

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5 things to start doing now to prepare for your 1L final exams

April 17, 2022

By Mike Sims,BARBRI President You’ve figured it out already. Most, if not all, of your first-year grades will depend on your performance on your final exams. And, if not all, of your finals will consist of essay questions….but law school essay questions are different than what you’ve previously experienced. It’s not about how much law […]

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The Socratic Method: Three tips for when the cold call comes

April 3, 2022

Whether you’re prepping for a classic no-warning cold call or an assigned cold call, most law professors use the Socratic teaching method to help students learn how to hone their critical thinking skills to analyze cases. Although these experiences can feel daunting, getting cold-called in law school is a rite of passage. Here are three tips to help you survive […]

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What else can you do to prepare for law school final exams

April 2, 2022

You have your outlines complete and you’re ready to start studying for law school final exams. You’re trying to memorize the rules of law and apply them, but what else should you be doing? Here are a few extra finals prep tips: Schedule and track your study hours Hold yourself accountable by scheduling your study […]

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Questions to ask yourself when selecting 3L classes

March 29, 2022

By Mary Apodaca, BARBRI Managing Director of Legal Education I always felt a little overwhelmed during the course scheduling process. There were so many classes I wanted to take, only so many hours in my day, and deciding which classes would be most beneficial for MY path was never really clear. Going into my 3L […]

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From 2L to Rising 3L: Setting up final year success

March 27, 2022

The end of 2L year is right around the corner. True to form, it’s been B-U-S-Y. You’ve worked your tail off. You’re more than ready to call yourself a 3L student. But it’s important to finish strong on upcoming 2L final exams, and then you can look ahead. Here are some things to do before […]

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What to remember for your U.S. LL.M. graduation checklist

March 16, 2022

Checklists can be extremely helpful during any student’s time in law school. For international U.S. LL.M. students, they can be lifesavers in navigating a new graduation process and U.S. bar exam requirements and necessities. To help you make the most of your U.S. law school experience and foreign bar eligibility, we’ve created the following checklist […]

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