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Stay ahead of the game with your 3L law school checklist from BARBRI

September 14, 2023

It may be easy to think of law school graduation and the bar exam as some far-off ideas, but it’s once again time to map out a plan. Because May of next year will be here before you know it. Having a plan in place will help you hit all the upcoming deadlines in your […]

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Survival tips for the different types of 2L final exams

March 7, 2023

You’ve been here before, facing final exam season. Although there are similarities in how you will go about preparing for 2L final exams and the preparation process from 1L year, there are also some differences. The exam curve may be less harsh this year, but you’ll still want to do your best and finish 2L […]

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Picking your 2L law school classes

March 4, 2023

You’re about to move past 1L year and the rigors of mandatory classes. Freedom! Now, it’s time to make your own schedule, but where do you begin? The coming 2L year may feel rather liberating, but it can also be a little overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. We’ve got a few tips to […]

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Advice from 3Ls on how to prepare for your 2L summer

March 2, 2023

So, you’ve already landed a summer job. Well done! When the job begins, you’ll want to show up prepared, make a lasting impression and secure a full-time job offer. But what can you do now to differentiate yourself from the rest of your summer associates? We’ve rounded up some quick tips from 3Ls on how […]

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How to prepare for your first graded oral argument

February 3, 2023

First, come research projects, then memos, and finally you’ll reach the oral argument stage of your law school career. For most, this is a stressful time. It is especially so for those who get anxious about speaking in front of others. Even if you have a lot of public speaking experience, it’s not uncommon to […]

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Decoding law school attire and dressing like a lawyer

January 10, 2023

Law school is all about teaching students how to think like lawyers. In some ways, it’s also about teaching students how to look like lawyers for a variety of situations.   Being a law student inadvertently means you will be attending various events, from firm happy hours and conferences to interviews and formal balls. Depending […]

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Next steps after receiving less than stellar 1L grades

January 7, 2023

With your first semester grades in hand, you may be feeling anywhere from on top of the world to on the verge of tears. The hard work you put in combined with the agonizing wait to receive your grades only to be met with disappointment doesn’t feel good. If you were excited about your grades […]

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How to create a law school attack outline

January 6, 2023

You have most likely done an outline (or a few) for your classes. Law school outlines help you synthesize and mesh your notes from class and readings into an organized structure so you can dial in the relevant principles of the law in your own words. Outlines are a must in law school. However, sometimes […]

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After winter break: Getting back into the law student mindset

January 3, 2023

Winter break is officially over Classes have begun and calendars are again filling with hefty readings, assignments, meeting requests, extracurriculars and more. Allowing yourself the time to slowly reacclimate to the pressures of law school is not really an option. So to help you ease back into the chaos of law school, here are a […]

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Three questions: Course correct or stay the course as a 1L student

January 3, 2023

The first few weeks of the spring semester are the perfect time to reevaluate your initial semester in law school and make changes as needed. You may not have your grades yet, and that’s okay. Grades do not define you. No matter where you landed, top of your class or near the bottom, this is […]

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