Leave the Bar Prep Heavy Lifting to Us

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Trust the Process. It Works.

Preparing for the bar exam is no small feat. As a future lawyer, you deserve a bar review course that not only understands the stakes but also equips you with the tools to excel.

Throughout the year, our learning and innovation team adapts and enhances the BARBRI Bar Review course. We track the trends of what’s been tested and the frequency. We pay close attention to the latest exam updates, from scaled scoring changes to the adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) in more states and jurisdictions. Leveraging over 50 years of bar review history and the latest advancements in learning science, we have honed a “study smarter, not harder” methodology.

We diligently analyze every bar exam in the country. Our most discerning subject matter experts carefully critique BARBRI Bar Review’s substantive content to ensure it is comprehensive, accurate, and up to date. This relentless attention to detail means you can trust that you’re getting what you need to succeed.

Meet Your Just-for-You Learning Experience

During BARBRI Bar Review, everything assigned in your online Personal Study Plan (PSP) is carefully curated by our adaptive engine we call ISAAC. ISAAC creates, personalizes, and optimizes your bar prep with a tailored combination of BARBRI tools and resources.

You have your own learning style and schedule. Everything ISAAC assigns is statistically correlated to improving your chance of scoring more points on your exam (by an average of 19 points*) and passing based on your specific study needs and schedule. How, you may ask.

By combining proprietary algorithms with insights from over 100 bar exams and 50+ years of data to drive your BARBRI course. ISAAC continually learns from you, adjusting your study plan based on your progress, schedule customizations, and the time remaining until your exam. It provides real-time feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you stay motivated and on track.

Ultimately, you benefit from the confidence of knowing you can keep moving forward during bar preparation. There’s no worrying about creating a schedule or wondering if you are doing enough of various types of assignments. You don’t have to waste one ounce of energy thinking about whether or not you’re studying the right subject areas, at the right time, and in the proper sequence.

While you lean in, learn the law, and trust the process, you can leave the heavy lifting to us.

Join the Ranks of Bar Passers with BARBRI Bar Review

BARBRI pioneered bar review and has proudly helped over 1.4 million students pass the bar exam. BARBRI’s technology-enabled legal education, leadership, and depth of experience going back to 1967 influences all aspects of bar review — where it’s been, where it is today, and the vast possibilities of where BARBRI will lead it next.

Every year, the overwhelming majority of law students across the nation choose BARBRI Bar Review to prepare for the bar exam — and pass it the first time. It’s not just about studying; it’s about trusting a process that has proven successful time and again.

* Scores are based on studies of actual bar exam scores from students in UBE states.

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