What you can’t bring to the MPRE on exam day

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Have you thought about what you can’t bring to the MPRE on exam day?  

Many only think about what they must or can bring to the MPRE and are surprised as they show up with several items that are not allowed in their MPRE testing center.  

Items that you can’t bring into the MPRE test room:

  • Any electronic devices, including but not limited to: 
    • cell or mobile phones 
    • digital watches or timers 
    • fitness trackers 
    • media players 
    • headphones 
    • language translators 
    • picture-taking device
  • e-cigarettes 
  • firearms or other weapons 
  • written materials (including books and notes) 
  • scratch paper or paper of any kind 
  • mechanical pencils, mechanical erasers, pencils, pens, or highlighters 
  • rulers 
  • briefcases, handbags, or backpacks of any kind 
  • watches or timers of any kind 
  • earplugs or earmuffs of any kind 
  • hats and/or hoods (except religious apparel) worn on the head, bags, coats, jackets, or eyeglass cases 
  • food or beverages (unless pre-authorized by the testing jurisdiction) 

If you are found in possession of any of these prohibited items in the MPRE test room, then you may be dismissed from the test. 

Be sure to check the official NCBE site for the latest list and up-to-date MPRE policies before your exam.

Items that are prohibited to bring to the MPRE exam such as notebooks, hoodies, big jackets, purses, foods and beverages, and electronics.

Most MPRE test centers have small lockers, but be sure to check

Upon arriving at the test center, you’ll need to complete the registration process (some test centers require you to print your registration materials in advance). You’ll begin by signing in and if lockers are available, one will be assigned to you at that time.

Most locations will provide a small locker or clear bag for personal items but be sure to confirm with your specific testing center in advance. If possible, try to leave most items at home or in your car. The testing centers are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced personal items.  

Dress in layers

The room may feel colder or warmer to you, so consider dressing in layers so you can adjust to your level of comfort. However, just make sure you avoid the prohibited items like hoods and jackets in your layering plan. 

Entering the exam room

Once your belongings (and any prohibited items) are safely stored away, you may go through a palm scan – which may be retrieved later during the bar exam to confirm your identity – and a headshot photograph. A representative at the test center will walk you through the process and the rules. 

Before entering the exam room, you may be asked to do the following: 

  • Empty your pockets 
  • Remove jewelry and hair accessories. 
  • Show your ears. 
  • Roll up your sleeves 
  • Pat yourself down 

It’s best to do this beforehand to avoid any issues that may prevent you from testing on time or from having to store any unexpected items.  

An erasable note board, marker, and timer are provided

A Pearson VUE Test Administrator (TA) will provide you with an erasable note board and marker for your MPRE testing session. You may not remove these items from the exam room. If you need a new note board or marker during the exam, raise your hand and the TA will assist you. These items will need to be returned to your TA prior to leaving the exam room.

The computer has a timer function, so you won’t need to worry about locating a clock on the wall.  

Once you’re done

After submitting your answers, you’ll then raise your hand for a representative to come to you. This person will confirm that your test answers have been uploaded successfully and all materials have been returned. Afterward, you’ll be free to collect your belongings and leave the test center.

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