SQE Industry Insights: Document automation with Avvoka

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Legal tech is a buzzword because it represents a shift in the way the legal industry operates. Using technology to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and increase accessibility. As technology continues to reshape industries, lawyers are exploring how new tools can help them address long-standing challenges and make the delivery of legal services more efficient. Additionally, the growing importance of data and the need for more sophisticated legal analytics has also contributed to the buzz around legal tech.

At BARBRI, we’re excited about the opportunity to introduce our students to the legal tech space and help them to understand how technology is changing the industry. To address the growing need for automation in the legal industry, Avvoka hosts an academy that teaches lawyers and law students how to use document automation software.

What is Avvoka?

Avvoka is a legal-process automation tool that helps lawyers and legal departments to draft documents with fewer errors. It also provides insights into how to improve the drafting process in future—leading not just to better document quality but substantial time savings.

Session Summary:

Avvoka hosted an interactive Academy for BARBRI as an educational, LegalTech-awareness building exercise. They’ve been doing quite a lot of these for students on a pro bono basis. They’re passionate about their 60-minute document automation click-along workshops as feel the next generation of lawyers needs those skills and we’re uniquely placed to teach them given the nature of our platform.

What’s the plan?

We hosted a workshop over Zoom where we will introduced participants to the concept of document automation! We also gave people the chance to get hands-on with document automation, by automating a contract alongside us during the workshop. The idea is that participants learn a whole new skill from the comfort of their homes which can be taken forwards and further developed. Participants left the session with a much better sense of how document automation can help their practice and how tools like Avvoka can make it a whole lot easier than you might think!

What is automation and how can it help me?

Document automation allows you to create documents up to 80% quicker than the traditional drafting methods. You can automate anything from a one-page furlough letter to a 300-page credit agreement! You can also upload excel files of data to mass generate 100s of documents in only a few minutes.

But I can’t code, are these sessions right for me?

That’s no problem – automation on Avvoka requires no coding at all, it is all done through a visual online tool. You can learn how to automate after only a few hours! These sessions are open to anyone, and it requires no prior knowledge or experience of automation- all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

You can view a recording of the session that we held with Avvoka through our SQE Industry Insights webinar series by accessing these here.

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