Five money-saving tips to curb common law school expenses

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There’s no question. Law school is expensive. Here are some ways to boost your spending habits and combat a few of the typical law school expenses.

1) Search for student discounts and coupons

Check your local community, school newspaper and online resources for student discounts. Many schools and businesses offer savings to students on everything from gym memberships to public transportation to car insurance and more.

2) Go thrifty for your interview wardrobe and essentials

If you’re looking for a great deal on professional attire and suits, don’t overlook places like Goodwill, consignment centers and other thrift stores. You can find great interview wardrobe staples, bags and portfolios that will help you look sharp without breaking the bank.

3) Look for free lunch events and easy meal prep

Not everyone wants to cook or even has access to a useable kitchen but try to find some quick and easy meals that you can make to help save on food expenses. It’s surprising to many students to see how quickly grabbing a bite out can add up. If you’re short on time or feel like you’re an impulse buyer at the grocery store, try purchasing your groceries online and then opting for free pick-up or delivery.

Also be on the lookout for law school events that offer free food (there’s definitely plenty of these throughout the year!). You’ll get a free meal and have the opportunity to network or learn about something new.

4) Take advantage of your school’s no-cost services

Most schools offer a variety of services at your disposal that you can and should take advantage of. Whether this is your Career Services office providing interviewing and resume assistance or your Student Health office providing free counseling sessions, your law school can provide valuable resources.  

5) Find scholarships and grants

If you haven’t already, take time to research scholarship and grant opportunities, both within your law school and with outside organizations. There are many options specifically designed for law students as well as awarded for various interests and hobbies.

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