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Multiple flexible course durations lead into the scheduled exams. Choose the course that fits your life and study whenever and wherever you want.

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50+ Years of innovation in legal exam prep

With BARBRI, you’ll gain the confidence that comes from courses backed by years of proven experience in both multiple-choice legal testing and mixed subject testing.

BARBRI has built a reputation as an experienced, innovative and effective provider of legal exam preparation. While the methods of testing in England and Wales may be changing, they are changing to match precisely the methodologies in which BARBRI preparation excels.


SQE Prep that fits around you

Fit the course around your life and study whenever you want with multiple flexible course durations that lead to the scheduled exams. You’ll also be able to customise your course by adjusting your Personal Study Plan, if necessary. 

Spread the exam and preparation course fees over a longer time period, so you can adapt the costs to your budget.

Personalised learning powered by innovation

Access all course materials online at any time through your Personal Study Plan (PSP). Your PSP guides every assignment and activity throughout your entire SQE1 Prep course so that you can go at the pace that is right for you. Pre-recorded video lectures, soft and hard copy workbooks and thousands of practice questions build knowledge over time and deliver the right combination of substance and skills on a flexible schedule.

You will also study with the help of your Intuitive Study Assistant and Coach (ISAAC), a powerful engine that runs BARBRI SQE Prep courses. ISAAC takes data about what is most likely to be tested and learns from you as you work, teaching you exactly what you need to know to pass.


1:1 support to help you succeed

All SQE Prep students will be assigned a personal Learning Coach, a qualified solicitor who will be mentoring you one-on-one throughout your course.

You would be able to book time with your personal Learning Coach to see how you are progressing with your studies. They will also conduct livestream workshops, provide tips, and help you with any study issues.

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Our Faculty

Our Learning Coaches and tutors make our online courses stand out: These are the experienced professionals who will guide you throughout your studies, ensuring that you have the ability to complete them successfully.

The SQE at a Glance

Split in two stages

The first stage tests legal knowledge, and the second tests legal skills. BARBRI offers prep courses for both.

You must take both parts

Students must take both stages of the SQE, unless they qualify for an exemption based on a law degree from another jurisdiction or an LPC.

Exam formats are varied

Unlike the GDL/LPC exams, the SQE is comprised of a series of exams that include mixed subject questions and multiple-choice formats.

SQE Foundations

Two course options leading up to the two part-time SQE1 Prep course options, all under one price
Online with full set of materials and content

4 week course prior to the SQE1 Prep


SQE1 Prep

Three different course options leading up to each SQE1 exam, all under one price
Online with full Learning Coach support

10, 20 or 40 week course options


SQE2 Prep

Two different course options. BARBRI SQE1 Prep alumni are entitled to a £500 discount
Diagnostic testing and flexible study

10 or 20 week course options

Starting at


SQE1 Prep alumni price

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SQE1 Prep sample course materials

Thinking about enrolling in the BARBRI SQE Prep course? Sample some of the materials and resources you’ll receive to prepare for the Solicitors Qualifying Exam. 

SQE1 Prep Preview

Experience the course for yourself through our SQE1 Prep preview. You can test out the online environment of the Personal Study Plan (PSP). Interact with its features, view examples of content and structure.

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View our on-demand webinars about a range of topics, from career options to the SQE.

Why students choose BARBRI

“BARBRI gives you all of the tools you need for success […] The thorough materials provide you with ample study guides and realistic practice materials. The daily study plan assures you that you are staying on track with your studying. This combination of well-developed tools allows you to feel as confident as you possibly can.”

Kristin Noonan

“The structure and pace of the Personal Study Plan helped me have a comprehensive plan and approach to reviewing the material.”

Eric J. Khorshad

“Everything you need is in the BARBRI course, and you have more than enough to get you prepared, you just need to dedicate the time and remember to stay calm! It breaks a seemingly insurmountable task down into manageable pieces so it’s doable. Additionally, being able to know my weak areas made my study time a lot more efficient.”

Holly Hearns

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