Streamlined, all online course designed to save you time.

Now $2695 for a limited time.

Remember when studying for the bar exam was your full time job? Now that you are a licensed attorney with more commitments and responsibilities and less free time, you may be thinking that studying for another state bar exam sounds like an impossible feat.

That's no longer the case. We've taken what we do best and rethought the process specifically for you – an attorney who comes with a wealth of skills and knowledge from having taken and passed a U.S. state bar exam. The new BARBRI Attorney's Course saves you time by:

- Providing a shorter, streamlined, all-online experience

- Bypassing some basic bar exam test taking skills critical for first time takers

- Getting you quickly to the most highly tested areas of the exam overall and within each subject

- Pinpointing your topic and subtopic weaknesses so you can spend time working the areas of law that will most benefit your exam score

How do we do that?

The BARBRI Attorney's Course builds upon the knowledge and skills you already have to get you to your next law license faster. You’ve already taken the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE), so why sit through 14 hours of MBE skills instruction, 48 hours of substantive lectures, and lots of analysis lectures again if you don’t need it? Instead of starting with building knowledge, you take diagnostics that assess what you remember and then we guide you to Personal Homework assignments designed to help you fill in any gaps (if you have any). The goal is to quickly get you back to doing practice questions, so you can hit your stride early. We slow down the pace for state subjects, where you may encounter subjects you haven’t seen before or rules that are different than the bar exam you’ve already passed. Here, you’ll learn the law first, before moving into assessment and doing practice questions.

The Attorney’s Course Personal Study Plan also assigns the most frequently tested Multistate topics and state essay subjects earlier in the course and all assignments are presented in a weekly view to provide more flexibility while still ensuring you are staying on plan. Everything you do allows your Personal Study Plan to actively adapt and direct you more quickly to your biggest areas of opportunity saving you time and maximizing your results.

Only licensed attorneys studying for the exam in a state in which the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) is administered or California may enroll in this course. If you are studying for another state, we encourage you to enroll in the traditional BARBRI Bar Review course.

ABA Practicing Attorney members, provide your ABA membership number during enrollment and receive a special rate of $2495.

Build upon your existing knowledge and skills

State BAR Exam details. Download our free digest.

You will find that the bar admissions process will be more robust for you as you now have a lot more to report including information about your practice and experience, other licenses, debts, etc. Don't delay - give yourself time by getting started right way.

We have created the BARBRI Bar Exam Digest - your all-in-one source for bar exam dates, filing deadlines and fees and much more - for every state and jurisdiction.


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